vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now, when they had rowed a good way from the shoare,
Michael Perse fainted, and could row no more :
then was Andrew Moter driven to stand in the Boat head,
and waft to the ship,
which (at the first) saw us not,
and when they did,
they could not tel what to make of us,
but in the end they stood for us,
and so tooke us up.
Henry Greene was throwne out of the Boat into the Sea,
and the rest were had aboard,
the Savage being yet alive,
yet without sense.
But they died all there that day,
William Wilson swearing and cursing in most feare full manner :
Michael Perse lived two dayes after, and then died.
Thus you have heard the Tragicall end of Henry Greene and his Mates,
whom they called Captaine,
these foure being the only lustie men in all the ship.

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