vendredi 27 juillet 2007


In the meane time Henrie Greene,
and another went to the Carpenter,
and held him with a talke,
till the Master came out of his Cabbin (which hee soone did)
then came John Thomas and Bennet before him
while Wilson bound his armes behind him.
He asked them what they meant?
they told him,
he should know when he was in the Shallop.
Now Juet, while this was a doing,
came to John King into the Hold,
who was provided for him,
for he had got a sword of his own,
and kept him at a bay,
and might have killed him,
but others came to helpe him :
and so he came up to the Master.
The Master called to the Carpenter,
and told him that he was bound;
but, I heard no answere he made.
Now Arnold Lodlo, and Michael Bute rayle at them,
and told them their knaverie would shew it selfe.
Then was the Shallop haled up to the ship side,
and the poore, sicke,and lame men
were called upon to get them out of their Cabbins into the Shallop.
The Master called to me,
who came out of my Cabbin as well as I could,
to the Hatch way to speake with him :
where, on my knees I besought them,
for the love of God, to remember themselves,
and to doe as they would be done unto.
They bad me keepe my selfe well,
and get me into my Cabbin;
not suffering the Master to speake with me.
But when I came into my Cabbin againe,
hee called to me at the Horne,
which gave light into my Cabbin,
and told mee that Juet would overthrow us all;
nay (said I) it is that villaine Henrie Greene,
and I spake it not softly.

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