vendredi 27 juillet 2007


But I must not forget to shew,
how mercifully God dealt with us in this time;
for the space of three moneths
wee had such store of Fowle of one kinde
(which were Partridges as white as milke)
that wee killed above an hundred dozen,
besides others of sundry sorts :
for all was fish that came to the net.
The Spring comming, this Fowle left us,
yet they were with us all the extreame cold.
Then in their places came divers sort of other Fowle,
as Swanne, geese, duck, and teale, but hard to come by.
Our Master hoped they would have bred in those broken grounds,
but they doe not;
but came from the South, and flew to the North,
further then we were this Voyage;
yet if they be taken short with the wind at North,
or North-west, or North-east,
then they fall and stay till the winde serve them,
and then flye to the North.
Now in time these Fowles are gone,
and few or none to bee seene.
Then wee went into the Woods, Hilles, and Valleyes,
for all things that had any shew of substance in them,
how vile soever :
the mosse of the ground,
then the which I take the powder of a post to bee much better,
and the Fogge (in his ingendring time as loathsome as a Toade)
was not spared.
But amongst the divers sorts of buds,
it pleased God that Thomas Woodhouse brought home a budde of a Tree,
full of a Turpentine substance.
Of this our Surgeon made a decoction to drinke,
and applyed the buddes hot to them that were troubled
with ach in any part of their bodies;
and for my part, I confesse,
I received great and present ease of my paine.

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