vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now, it shall not bee amisse to shew how we were lodged,
and to begin in the Cooke roome;
there lay Bennet and the Cooper lame;
without the Cooke roome,
on the steere-board side,
lay Thomas Wydhouse sicke;
next to him lay Sydrack Funer lame,
then the Surgeon, and John Hudson with him;
next to them lay Wilson the Boatswaine,
and then Arnold Lodlo next to him :
in the Gun-roome lay Robert Juet and John Thomas;
on the Lar-boord side,
lay Michael Bute and Adria Moore,
who had never beene well since wee loft our Anchor;
next to them lay Michael Perce and Andrew Moter.
Next to them without the Gun-roome,
lay John King , and with him Robert Billet :
next to them my selfe, and next to me Francis Clements :
In the mid-ship,
betweene the Capstone and the Pumpes,
lay Henrie Greene and Nicholas Simmes.
This night John King was late up,
and they thought he had been with the Master,
but he was with the Carpenter,
who lay on the poope;
and comming downe from him,
was met by his Cabbin-mate,
as it were by chance,
and so they came to their Cabbin together.
It was not long ere it was day :
then came Bennet for water for the Kettle,
hee rose and went into the Hold :
when he was in,
they shut the Hatch on him
(but who kept it downe I know not)
up upon the Desk went Bennet.

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