vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The storme ceasing,
we stood out of the Ice,
where wee saw any cleere Sea to goe to :
which was sometime more, and sometime lesse.
Our course was as the Ice did lye,
sometime to the North, then to the North-west :
but still inclosed with Ice.
Which when our Master saw, he made his course to the South,
thinking to cleere himselfe of the Ice that way :
but the more he strove, the worse he was,
and the more inclosed, till we could goe no further.
Here our Master was in despaire,
and (as he told me after)
he thought he should never have got out of this Ice,
but there have perished.
Therefore hee brought forth his Card,
and shewed all the company,
that hee was entred above an hundred league further then any English was :
and left it to their choice,
whether they would proceed any further;
yea, or nay.
Whereupon, some were of one minde, and some of another,
some wishing themselves at home, and some not caring where,
so they were out of the Ice :
but there were some who then spake words,
which were remembred a great while after.

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