vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Wee stood to the North to double this Land,
and after to the West againe,
till wee fell with Land that stretched from the Mayne,
like a shewer from the South to the North,
and from the North to the West,
and then downe to the South againe.
Being short of this Land,
a storme tooke us,
the wind at West,
we stood to the North, and raised Land :
which when our Master saw,
he stood to the South againe;
for he was loath at any time that wee should see the North shoare.
The storme continuing,
and comming to the South shoare againe,
our Master found himselfe shot to the West,
a great way, which made him muse,
considering his Leeward way.
To the South-west of this Land,
on the Mayne, there is an high Hill,which our Master named Mount Charles.
To the North and beyond this, lieth an Iland,
that to the East hath a faire head,
and beyond it to the West other broken Land,
which maketh a Bay within,
and a good Road may be found there for ships.
Our Master named the first, Cape Salsburie.

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