vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Having a cleere Sea,
our Master stood to the West along by the South shoare,
and raysed three Capes or Head-lands,
lying one above another.
The middlemost is an Iland,
and maketh a Bay or Harbour,
which (I take) will prove a good one.
Our Master named them Prince Henries Cape, or Fore-land.
When we had layd this we raised another,
which was the extreme point of the Land,
looking towards the North :
upon it are two Hills,
but one (above the rest) like an Hay-cocke;
which our Master named, King James his Cape.
To the North of this, lie certaines Ilands,
which our Master named, Queene Annes Cape, or Fore-land.
Wee followed the North shoare still.
Beyond the Kings Cape there is a Sound or Bay,
that hath some Ilands in it :
and this is not to be forgotten, if need be.
Beyond this, lieth some broken Land,
close to the Mayne,
but what it is I know not :
because we passed by it in the night.

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