vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Whiles I was thus assaulted in the Boat,
our men were set upon the shoare.
John Thomas and William Wilson had their bowels cut,
and Michael Perse and Henry Greene being mortally wounded,
came trumbling into the Boat together.
When Andrew Moter saw this medley,
hee came running downe the Rockes,
and leaped into the Sea,
and so swamme to the Boat,
hanging on the sterne thereof,
till Michael Perse tooke him in,
who manfully made good the head of the Boat against the Savages,
that pressed sore upon us.
Now Michael Perse had got an Hatchet,
wherewith I saw him strike one of them,
that he lay sprawling in the Sea.
Henry Greene crieth Coragio,
and layeth about him with his Truncheon :
I cryed to them to cleere the Boat,
and Andrew Moter cryed to bee taken in :
the Savages betooke them to their Bowes and Arrowes,
which they sent amongst us,
wherewith Henry Greene was slaine out-right,
and Michael Perse received may wounds,
and so did the rest.
Michael Perse and Andrew Moter rowed the Boate away,
which when the Savages saw,
they ranne to their Boats,
and I feared they would have launched them,
to have followed us,
but they did not,
and our ship was in the middle of the channell,
and could not see us.

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