vendredi 27 juillet 2007


From hence we stood to the South, and to the South-west,
through a cleere Sea of two divers founding,
and came to a Sea of two colours, one blacke, and the other white,
sixteene or seventeene fathome water,
betweene which we went foure or five leagues.
But the night comming, we tooke in our Top-sayles,
and stood afore the wind with our Maine-sayle,
and came into five or sixe fathomes,
and saw no Land for it was darke.
Then we stood to the East, and had deepe water againe,
then to the South and Southwest,
and so came to our Westermost Bay of all,
and came to an anchor neerest to the North shoare.
Out went our Boat to the Land that was next us,
when they came neere it,
our Boat could not flote to the shoare it was so shallow :
yet ashoare they got.
Here our men saw the footing of a man and a Ducke in the snowy Rockes,
and Wood good store,
whereof they tooke some and returned aboord.
Being at anchor in this place,
we saw a ledge of Rockes to the South of us, some league of length;
Itl ay North and South, covered at a full Sea;
for a strong tide setteth in here.
At mid-night wee weighed, and stood to goe out as we came in;
and had not gone long,
but the Carpenter came and told the Master,
that if he kept that course he would be upon the Rockes :
the Master conceived that he was past them,
when presently wee ranne on them,
and there stucke fast twelve houres :
but (by the mercy of God) we got off unhurt,
though not unscarred.

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