vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Away went Henry Greene in a rage,
swearing to cut his throat that went about to disturbe them,
and left Wilson by me,
with whom I had some talke,
but to no good :
for he was perswaded,
that there was no remedie now,
but to goe on while it was hot,
least their partie should faile them,
and the mischiefe they had intented to others
should light to themselfes.
Henry Greene came againe,
and demended of him what I said.
Wilson answered,
He is in his old song,
still patient.
Then I spake to Henry Greene to stay three dayes,
in which time I would so deale with the Master,
that all should be well.
So I dealt with him to forbeare but two dayes,
nay twelve houres;
there is no way then (say they) but out of hand.
Then I told them,
that if they would stay till Monday,
I will joyne with them to share all the victuals in the ship,
and will justifie it when I came home;
but this would not serve their turnes.
Wherefore I told them,
it was some worse matter they had in hand then they made shew of,
and that it was bloud and revenge hee sought,
or else he would not at such a time of night undertake such a deed.
Henry Greene (with that) taked my Bible which lay before me,
and sware that hee would doe no man harme,
and what hee did was for the good of the voyage,
and for nothing else;
and that all the rest should do the like.
The like did Wilson sweare.

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