vendredi 27 juillet 2007


We stood up to the East and raysed three Hills,
lying North and South :
wee went to the furthermost,
and left it to the North of us,
and so into a Bay, where wee came to an anchor.
Here our Master sent out our Boat,
with my selfe and the Carpenter to seeke a place to winter in :
an dit was time;
for the nights were long and cold,
and the earth covered with Snow.
Having spent three moneths in a Labyrinth without end,
being now the last of October,
we went downe to the East,
to the bottome of the Bay :
but returned without speeding of that we went for.
The next day we went to the South,
and to the South-west, and found a place,
whereunto we brought our ship,
and haled her aground :
and this was the first of November.
By the tenth thereof we were frozen in :
but now we were in,
it behooved us to have care of what we had;
for, that we were sure of;
but what we had not, was uncertaine.

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