vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now the Ice being out of the Sounds,
So that our Boat might go from one place unto another,
a company of men were appointed by the Master
to go a fishing with our net;
their names were as followeth :
William Wilson, Henry Greene, Michael Perce, John Thomas,
Andrew Moter, Bennet Mathewes, and Arnold Lodlo
These men, the first day they went, caught five hundred fish,
as big as good Herrings, and some troutes :
which put us all in some hope to have our wants supplied,
and our Commons amended :
but these were the most that ever they got in one day,
for many dayes they got not a quarter so many.
In this time of their fishing, Henry Green and William Wilson,
with some others, plotted to take the net and the shallop,
which the Carpenter had now set up, and so to shift for themselves.
But the shallop being readie, our Master would goe in it himselfe,
to the South and the South-west,
to see if hee could meete with the people;
for, to that end was it set up,
and (that way) wee might see the Woods set on fire by them.
So the Master tooke the Sayne and the Shallop,
and so much victuall as would serve for eight or nine dayes,
and to the South hee went.
They that remained aboord,
were to take in water, wood, and ballast,
and to have all things in a readinesse against hee came backe.
But hee set no time of his returne;
for he was perswaded, if he could meet with the people,
he should have flesh of them, and that good store :
but hee returned worse then hee went forth.
For, hee could by no meanes meete with the people,
although they were neere them,
yet they would set the woods on fire in his fight.

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