vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now when we came, they made signes to their Dogges
(whereof there were many like Mongrels, as bigge as Hounds)
and pointed to their Mountaine, and to the Sunne, clapping their hands.
Then Henry Greene, John Thomas, and William Wilson,
stood hard by the Boate head,
Michael Perse, and Andrew Moter were got up upon the Rocke,
a gathering of Sorrell : not one of them had any weapon about him,
not so much as a sticke, save Henry Greene only,
who had a piece of a Pike in his hand :
nor saw I any thing that they had where with to hurt us.
Henry Greene and William Wilson had Looking-glasses, and Jewes Trumps,
and Bels, which they were shewing the people.
The Savages standing round about them,
one of them came into the Boats head to me to shew me a Bottle :
I made signes to him to get him ashoare.
In the meane-time, another stole behind me to the sterne of the Boat,
and when I saw him ashoare, that was in the head of the Boat,
I sate downe againe :
but suddenly I saw the legge and foote of a man by mee.
Wherefore I cast up my right arme to save my brest, he wounded my arme,
and strooke me into the bodie under my right Pappe.
He strooke a second blow which I met with my left hand,
he striving with both his hands, to make an end of that he had begunne.
I found him but weake in the gripe (God enabling me)
and getting hold of the sleeve of his left arme, so bare him from me.
His left side lay bare to me, which when I saw,
I put his sleeve off his his left arme into my left hand,
holding the string of the Knife fast in the same hand :
and having got my right hand at libertie,
I sought for somewhat wherewith to strike him
(not remembring my Dagger at the side)
but looking downe I saw it,
and therewith strooke him into the bodie, and the throate.

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