vendredi 27 juillet 2007


When we had left this to the North-east,
we fell into a Rippling or Over-fall of a current,
which (at the first we tooke to bee a Shoald :
but the Lead being cast, we had no ground.
On we passed still in sight of the South shoare,
till we raised Land lying from the Mayne some two leagues.
Our Master tooke this to bee a part of the Mayne of the North Land;
but it is an Iland,
the North side stretching out to the West more then the South.
This Iland hath a faire Head to the East, and very high Land,
which our Master named Deepes Cape :
and the Land on the South side, now falling away to the South,
makes another Cape or Head-land,
which our Master named, Worsenhams Cape.
When wee were nigh the North or Iland Cape,
our Master sent the Boat ashoare,
with my selfe (who had the charge) and the Carpenter, and divers others,
to discover to the West and North-west, and to the South-west :
but we had further to it then we thought;
for the Land is very high,
and we were over-taken with a storme of Raine, Thunder and Lightning.
But to it we came on the North-east side,
and up we got from one Rocke to another,
till we came to the highest of that part.
Here we found some plaine ground, and saw some Deere;
as first, foure or five, and after, a dozen or sixteene in an Herd,
but could not come night hem with a Musket shot.

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