vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The next day being the seven and twentieth of July,
we sent the Boat to fetch some Fowle,
and the ship should way and stand as neere as they could :
for the wind was against us.
They had a great way to row,
and by that meanes they could not reach to the place where the Fowle bred :
but found good store of Gulls,
yet hard to come by, on the Rocks and Cliffes,
but with their Peeces they killed some thirtie, and towards night returned.
Now we had brought our ship more neere to the mouth of the Streights,
and there came to an anchor in eighteen or twentie fathom water,
upon a Riffe or shelfe of ground :
which after they had weighed their Anchor,
and stood more neere to the place where the Fowle bred,
they could not find it againe, nor no place like it :
but were faire to turne to and fro in the mouth of the Streight,
and to be in danger of Rockes,
because they could not find ground to let fall an Anchor in,
the water was so deepe.

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