vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Our Master (in this time) came in betweene the two Lands,
and shot off some Peeces to call us aboord;
for it was a fogge.
Wee came aboord, and told him what we had seene,
and perswaded him to stay a day or two in this place,
telling him what refreshing might there bee had :
but by no meanes would he stay,
who was not pleased with the motion.
So we left the Fowle,
and lost our way downe to the South-west,
before they went in sight of the Land,
which now beares to the East from us,
being the same mayne Land that we had all this while followed.
Now, we had lost the sight of it,
because it falleth away to the East,
after some five or twenty or thirty leagues.
Now we came to the shallow water,
wherewith wee were not acquainted since we came from Island;
now we came into broken ground and Rockes,
through which we passed downe to the South.
In this our course we had a storme,
and the Master did shoald apace.
Our Master came to an anchor in fifteene fathoms water.

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