vendredi 27 juillet 2007


About this time, when the Ice began to breake out of the Bayes,
there came a Savage to our Ship,
as it were to see and to bee seene,
being the first that we had seene in all this time :
whom our Master intreated well, and much of him,
promising unto himselfe great matters by his meanes,
and therefore would have all the Knifes and Hatchets (which any man had)
to his private use,
but received none but from John King the Carpenter, and my selfe.
To this Savage our Master gave a Knife, a Looking-glasse, and Buttons,
who received them thankefully,
and made signes that after hee had slept hee would come againe,
which hee did.
When hee came, hee brought with him a Sled, which hee drew after him,
and upon it two Deeres skinnes, and two Beaver skinnes.
Hee had a scrip under his arme,
out of which hee drew those things which the Master had given him.
Hee tooke the Knife and laid it upon one of the Beaver skinnes,
and his Glasses and Buttons upon the other,
and so gave them to the Master, who received them;
and the Savage tooke those things which the Master had given him,
and put them up into the scrip againe.
Then the Master shewed him an Hatchet,
for which hee would have given the Master one of his Deere skinnes,
but our Master would have them both, and so hee had,
although not willingly.
After many signes of people to the North, and to the South,
and that after so many sleepes he would come againe,
he went his way, but never came more.

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