vendredi 27 juillet 2007


From hence we stood to the South-west
to double the Land to the West of us,
through much floting Ice :
In the end wee found a cleere Sea, and continued therein,
till wee raysed Land to the North-west.
Then our Master made his course more to the South then before :
but it was not long ere we met with Ice ehich lay ahead of us.
Our Master would have doubled this Ice to the North, but could not,
and in the end into it downe to the South-west through much Ice,
and then to the South, where we were embayed againe.
Our Master strove to get the shoare, but could not,
for the great store of Ice that was on the coast.
From out of this Bay, we stood to the North,
and were soone out of the Ice :
then downe to the South-west, and so to the West,
where we were enclosed (to our sight) with Land and Ice.
For wee had Land from the South to the North-west on one side,
and from the East to the West on the other :
but the Land that was to the North of us,
and lay by East and West, was but an Iland.
On we went till we could goe no further for Ice :
so we made our ship fast to the Ice which the tide brought upon us,
but when the ebbe came, the Ice did open, and made way;
so as in seven or height houres we were cleere from the Ice,
till we came to weather;
but onely some of the great Ilands,
that were carried along with us to the North-west.

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