vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Being thus in the Ice on Saturday,
the one and twentieth of June at night,
Wilson the Boatswayne,
and Henry Greene came to mee lying (in my Cabbin) lame,
and told mee that they and the rest of their Associates,
would shift the Company,
and turn the Master,
and all the sicke men into a shallop,
& let them shift for themselves.
there was not fourteen daies victuall left for all the Company,
at that poore allowance they were at,
and that there they lay,
the Master not caring to goe one way or other :
and that they had not eaten any thing these three dayes,
and therefore were resolute,
either mend or end,
and what they had begun they would goe through with it,
or dye.
When I heard this,
I told them I marvelled to heare so much from them,
considering that they were married men,
and had wives and children,
and that for their sakes
they should not commit
so foule a thing
in the sight of God and man,
as that would bee;
for why should they banish themselves
from their native Countrie ?

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