vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The next day,
wee weighed and doubled the point of the North Land,
which is high Land,
and so continueth to the Capes,
lying North and South,
some five and twentie or thirtie leagues.
To the North we stood to see store of those Fowles that breed in the Capes,
and to kill some with our shot,
and to fetch them with our Boat.
We raised the Capes with joy,
and bare for them,
and came to the Ilands that lie in the mouth of the streight :
but bearing in betweene the Rockie Iles,
we ranne on a Rocke that lay under water,
and there stucke fast eight or nine houres.
It was ebbing water when we thus came on,
so the floud set us afloat,
God guiding both wind and Sea,
that is was calme, and faire weather :
the ebbe came from the East,
and the floud from the West.
When wee were afloat,
wee stood more neere to the East shoare,
and there anchored.

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