vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Being returned hee fitted all things for his returne,
and first, delivered all the bread out of the bread roome
(which came to a pound a piece for every mans share)
and delivered also a Bill of Returne, willing them to have that to shew,
if it please God, that they came home :
and he wept when hee gave it unto them.
But to helpe us in this poore estate with some reliefe,
the Boate and Sayne went to worke on Friday morning,
and stayed till Sunday noone :
at which time they came aboord, and brought fourescore small Fish,
a poore reliefe for so many hungry bellies.
Then we wayed, and stood out of our wintering place,
and came to an Anchor without in the Sea,
where our bread being gone, that store of cheese we had was to stop a gap,
whereof there were five, whereat the company grudged,
because they made account of nine.
But those that were left, were equally divided by the Master,
although he had countall to the contrarie :
for there were some who having it, would make half to bee fid thereof,
because they could not governe it.
I knew when Henrie Greene gave halfe his bread,
which hee had for fourteene dayes, to one to keepe,
and prayed him not to let him have any untill the next Munday :
but before Wednesday at night, hee never left till hee ha dit againe,
having eaten up his first weekes bread before.
So Wilson the Boatswaine hath eaten (in one day) his fortnights bread,
and hath beene two or three dayes sicke for his labour.
The cause that moved the Master to deliver all the Cheese,
was because they were not all of one goodnesse,
and therefore they should see that they had no wrong done them :
but every man should have alike the best and the worse together,
which was three pounds and halfe for seven dayes.

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