vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The wind serving, we weighed and stood to the North-west,
and on Munday at night (the eighteeth day of June) we fell into the Ice,
and the next day the wind being at west,
we lay there till Sunday in sight of Land.
Now being here, the Master told Nicholas Simmes,
that there would be a breaking up of chests, and a search for bread,
and willed him (if hee had any) to bring it to him,
which hee did,
and delivered to the Master thirty cakes in a bagge.
This deed of the Master (if it bee true) hath made a marvell,
what should bee the reason that hee did not stop the breach in the beginning,
but let it grow to that height,
as that it overthrew himselfe and many other honest men :
but there are many devices in the heart of man,
yet the counsell of the Lord shall stand

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