vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now was the Carpenter at libertie, who asked them,
if they would bee hanged when they came home :
and as for himselfe,
hee said,
hee would not stay in the Ship
unlesse they would force him :
they bad him goe then,
for they would not stay him :
I will (said hee)
so I may have my chest with mee,
and all that is in it :
they said,
hee should,
and presently they put it into the Shallop.
Then hee came downe to mee,
to take his leave of mee,
who perswaded him to stay,
which if he did,
he might so worke that all should bee well :
hee said, hee did not thinke,
but (saith he)
if we must part
(which wee will not willingly doe, for they would follow the ship)
hee prayed me,
if we came to the Capes before them,
that I would leave some token that wee had beene there,
neere to the place where the Fowles bred,
and hee would the like for us :
and so (with teares) we parted.
Now were the sicke men driven out of their Cabbins into the Shallop;
but John Thomas was Francis Clements friend,
and Bennet was the Coopers,
so as there were words betweene them and Henrie Greene,
one faying, that they should goe,
and the other swearing that they should not goe,
but such as were in the shallop should returne.
When Henrie Greene heard that,
he was compelled to give place,
and to put out Arnold Lodlo, and Michael Bute,
which with much adoe they did.

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