vendredi 27 juillet 2007


From hence the first of June,
we put to Sea for Groneland,
but to the West wee saw Land as we thought,
for which we beare the best part of a day,
but it proved but a foggie banke.
So wee gave it over,
and made for Gronland,
which we raysed the fourth of June.
Upon the Coast thereof hung good store of Ice,
so that our Master could not attayne to the shoare by any meanes.
The Land in this part is very Mountaynous,
and full of round Hils,
like to Sugar-loaves,
covered with snow.
We turned the Land on the South side,
as neere as the Ice would suffer us.
Our course for the most part was betweene the West and North-west,
till we raysed the Desolations,
which is a great Iland in the West part of Groneland.
On this Coast we saw store of Whales,
and as wee could hardly shunne them :
then two passing very neere,
and the third going under our ship,
wee receive no harme by them,
praysed bee God.

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