vendredi 27 juillet 2007


In the end, we raysed Land to the South-west,
high Land andcovered with Snow.
Our Master named this Land, Desire provokes.
Lying here, wee heard the noyse of a great over-fall of a tyde,
that came out of the Land :
for now we might see well,
that wee had beene embayed before,
and time had made us know,
being so well acquainted with the Ice,
that when night, or foggie, or foule weather tooke us,
we would seeke out the broadest Iland of Ice,
and there come to anchor and runne, and sport,
and fill water that stood on the Ice in Ponds,
both sweete and good.
But after we had brought this Land to beare South of us,
we had the tyde and the current to open the Ice,
as being carried first one way, and then another :
but in Bayes they lye as in a pond without moving.
In this Bay where wee were thus troubled with Ice,
wee saw many of those Mountaynes of Ice aground,
in sixe or sevenscore fathome water.
In this our course we saw a Beare upon a piece of Ice by it selfe,
to the which our men gave chase with their Boat :
but before they came nigh her,
the tyde had carried the Ice and the Beare on it,
and joyned it with the other Ice :
so they lost their labour,
and came aboord againe.

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