vendredi 27 juillet 2007


From hence wee passed towards the North :
but some two or three dayes after
(reasoning concerning our comming into this Bay, and going out)
our Master tooke occasion to revive old matters,
and to displace Robert Juet from being his Mate,
and the Boat-swaine from his place,
for words spoken in the first great Bay of Ice.
Then hee made Robert Billet his Mate,
and William Wilson our Boat-swaine.
Up to the North wee stood, till we raised Land,
then downe to the South, and up to the North,
then downe againe to the South :
and on Michaelmasse day came in, and went out of certaine Lands :
which our Master sets downe by the name of Michaelmasse Bay,
because we came in and went out on that day.
From hence wee stood to the North, and came into shoald water;
and the weather being thicke and foule,
wee came to an anchor in seven or eight fathome water,
and there lay eight dayes :
in all which time wee could not get one houre to weigh our anchor.
But the eight day, the wind beginning to cease,
our Master would have the anchor up,
against the mind of all who knew what belonged thereunto.
Well, to it we went,
and when we had brought it to a peake, a Sea tooke her,
and cast us all off from the Capstone,
and hurt divers of us.
Here wee lost our Anchor,
and if the Carpenter had not beene,
we had lost our Cable too :
but he (fearing such a matter)
was ready with his Axe,
and so cut it.

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