vendredi 27 juillet 2007


From the Desolations our Master made his way North-west,
the wind being against him,
whoelse would have gone more to the North :
but in this course we saw the first great Iland or Mountayne of Ice,
whereof after we saw store.
About the latter end of June,
we raysed Land to the North of us,
which our Master tooke to bee that Iland
which Master Danis setteth downe in his Chart.
On the west side of his Streight,
our Master would have gone to the North of it,
but the wind would not suffer him :
so we sell to the South of it,
into a great Rippling or overfall of current,
the which setteth to the West.
Into the current we went,
and made our way to the North of the West,
till we met with Ice which hung on the Iland.
Wherefore our Master casting about,
cleered himselfe of this Ice,
and stood to the South, and then to the West,
through store of floting Ice,
and upon the Ice store of Seales.
We gained a cleere Sea,
and continued our course till wee meete Ice;
first, with great Ilands,
and then with store of smaller sort.
Betweene them we made our course North-west,
till we met with Ice againe.
But, in this our going betweene the Ice,
we saw one of the great Iland of Ice overturne,
which was a good warning to us
not to come night hem, nor within their reach.
Into the Ice wee put ahead, as betweene two Lands.
The next day we had a storme,
and the wind brought the Ice so fast upon us,
that in the end we were driven to put her into the chiefest of the Ice,
and there to let her lie.
Some of our men this day fell sicke, I will not say it was for feare,
although I saw small signe of other griefe.

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