vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Now out of season and time,
the Master calleth the Carpenter to goe in hand with an house on shoare,
which at the beginning our Master would not heare,
when it might have beene done.
The Carpenter tod him,
that the Snow and Frost were such,
as hee neither could,
nor would goe in hand with such worke.
Which when our Master heard,
hee ferreted him out of his Cabbin to strike him,
calling him by many foule names,
and threatning to hang him.
The Carpenter told him
that hee knew what belonged to his place better then himselfe,
and that hee was no House Carpenter.
So this passed,
and the house was (after) made with much labour, but no end.
The next day after the Master and the Carpenter fell out,
the Carpenter tooke his Peece and Henry Greene with him,
for i twas an order that none should goe out alone,
but one with a Peece, and another with a Pike.
This did move the Master so much the more against Henry Greene,
that Robert Billet his Mate must have the gowne,
and had it delivered unto him;
which when Henry Greene saw, he challenged the Masters promise :
but the Master did so raile on Greene,
with so many words of disgrace, telling him,
that all his friends would not trust him with twenty shillings,
and therefore why should he?
As for wages he had none, nor none should have,
if he did not please him well.
Yet the Master had promised him to make his wages as good,
as any mans in the ship;
and to have him one of the Princes guard when we came home.
But you shall see how the devil out of this so wrought with Green
that he did the Master what mischiefe hee could in seaking to discredit him,
and to thrust him and many honest men out of the Ship in the end.
To speake of all our trouble in this time of Winter
(which was so cold, as lamed the most of our Company,
and my selfe doe yet feele it) would bee too tedious.

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