vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The eight and twentieth day, the Boat went to Digges his Cape for Fowle,
and made directly for the place where the Fowle bred, and being neere,
they saw seven Boates come about the Easterne point towards them.
When the Savages saw our Boate, they drew themselves together,
and drew their lesser Boats into their bigger :
and when they had done,
they made signes to the West,
but they made readie for all assayes.
The Savages came to them,
and by signes grew familiar one with another,
so as our men tooke one of theirs into our Boate,
and they carried our man to a cove
where their Tents stood toward the West of the place,
where the Fowle bred :
so they carried him into their Tents,
where he remayned till our men returned with theirs.
Our Boat went to the place where the Fowle bred,
and were deserous to know how the Savages killed their Fowle :
he shewed them the manner how, which was thus,
they take a long Pole with a snare at the end,
which they put about the Fowles necke,
and so plucke them downe.
When our men knew that they had a better way of their owne,
they shewed him to use of our Peeces,
which at one shot would kill seven or eight.
To be short, our Boat returned to their cove for our man, and deliver theirs.
When they came they made great joy,
with dancing and leaping, and stroking of their brest :
they offered divers things to our men,
but they only tooke some Morses Teeth, which they gave them for a knife,
and two glasse buttons :
and so receiving our man they came aboard,
much rejoycing at this chance,
as if they had met with the most simple and kind people of the World.

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