vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Wee weighed and stood to the South-east,
because the Land in this place did lie so.
When we came to the point of the West Land
(for we now had Land on both sides of us)
we came to an anchor.
Our Master sent the Boat ashoare,
to see what that Land was,
and wheter there were any way through.
They soone returned,
and shewed that beyond the point of Land to the South,
there was a large Sea.
This Land on the West side,
was a very narrow Point.
Wee weighed from hence,
and stood in for this Sea betweene the two Lands,
which (in this place) is not two leagues broad downe to the South,
for a great way in sight of the East shoare.
In the end we lost sight thereof,
and saw it not till we came to the bottome of the Bay,
into sixe or seven fathomes water.
Hence we stood up to the North by the West shoare,
till wee came to an Iland in 53.
Where we tooke in water and ballast.

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