vendredi 27 juillet 2007


The next day, the nine and twentieth of July, they made haste to be ashoare,
and because the ship rid to farre off,
they weighed and stood as neere to the place where the Fowle bred,
as they could : and because I was lame,
I was to go in the Boat, to carrie such things,
as I had in the Cabbin of every thing somewhat :
and so with more haste then good speed
(and not without savearing) away we went,
Henry Greene, William Wilson, John Thomas,
Michael Perse, Andrew Moter, and my selfe.
When we came neere the shoare,
the people were on the Hils,
dancing and leaping :
to the Cove we came,
where they had drawne up their Boates :
wee brought our Boate to the East side of the cove,
close to the Rockes.
Ashoare they went,
and made fast the Boat to a great stone on the shoare,
the people came,
and every one had somewhat in his hand to barter :
but Henry Greene swore they should have nothing,
till he had Venison,
for they had so promised him by signes.

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