vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Thus, going from one place to another,
wee saw to the West of us an high Hill above all the rest,
it being nigh us :
but it proved further off then we made account;
for, when wee came to it,
the Land was steepe on the East and North-east parts,
that wee could not get unto it.
To the South-west we saw that wee might,
and towards that part we went along by the side of a great Pond of water,
which lieth under the East side of this Hill :
and there runneth out of it a streame of water,
as much as would drive an over-shot Mill;
which falleth downe from an high Cliffe into the Sea on the South side.
In this place great store of Fowle breed,
and there is the best Grasse that I had seene since we came from England.
Here wee found sorell, and that which wee call scurvy grasse,
in great abundance.
Passing along wee saw some round Hills of stone, like to Grasse cockes,
which at the first I tooke to be the worke of some Christian.
Wee passed by them,
till we came to the South side of the Hill;
we went unto them, and there found more;
and being night hem,
I turned off the uppermost stone,
and found them hollow within,
and full of Fowles hanged by their neckes.
Then Greene, and I,
went to fetch the Boat to the South side,
while Robert Billet and hee got downe a Valley to the Sea side,
where wee tooke them in.

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