vendredi 27 juillet 2007


In the meane time, there were some of them that plyed their worke,
as if the Ship had beene entred by force,
and they had free leave to pillage,
breaking up Chest, and rifling all places.
One of them came by me, who asked me, what they should doe.
I answered,
hee should make an end of what hee had begun;
for I saw him doe nothing but sharke up and downe.
were all the pore men in the Shallop,
whose names are as followeth;
Henrie Hudson, John Hudson, Arnold Lodlo,
Sidrack Faner, Phillip Staffe,
Thomas Woodhouse or Wydhouse, Adam Moore,
Henrie King, Michael Bute.
The Carpenter got of them a Peece, and Powder,
and Shot, and some Pikes, an Iron Pot,
with some meale, and other things.
They stood out of the Ice,
the Shallop being fast to the Sterne of the Shippe,
and so (when they were nigh out,
for I cannot say,
they were cleane out)
they cut her head fast from the Sterne of our Ship,
then out with their Top-sayles,
and towards the East they stood in a Cleere Sea.
In the Hold they found one of the vessels of meale whole,
and the other halfe spent,
for wee had but two;
wee found also two firkins of Butter,
some twentie seven piece of Porke,
half a bushell of Pease,
but in the Masters Cabbin we found two hundred of bisket Cakes,
a pecke of Meale,
of Beere to the quantitie of a Butt,
one with another.
Now, it was said, that the Shallop was come within sight,
they let fall the Main-sayle,
and out with their Top-sayles,
and flye as from an Enemy.

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