vendredi 27 juillet 2007


We began our Voyage for the North-west passage;
the seventeeth of Aprill, 1610.
Thwart of Shepey, our Master sent Master Colbert backe to the Owners with his Letter.
The next day we weighed from hence,
and stood for Harwich,
and came thither the eight an twentieth of Aprill.
From Harwich we set sayle the first of May,
along the coast to the North,
till we came to the Iles of Orkney,
from thence to the Iles of Faro,
and from thence to Island :
on which we fell in a fogge,
hearing the rut of the sea ashoare,
but saw not the Land whereupon our Master came to an Anchor.
Heere we were embayed in the South-east part of the Land.
Wee weighed and stood along the Coast,
on the West side towards the North :
but one day being calme, we fell a fishing,
and caught good store of fish, as Cod and Ling, and Butte,
with some other sorts that we knew not.
The next day, we had a good gale of wind at South-west,
and rayse the Iles of Westmonie,
where the King of Denmarke hath a Fortresse,
by which we passed to raysed the Snow Hill foot,
a Mountayne so called on the North-west part of the Land.
But in our course we saw the famous Hill, Mount Hecla,
which cast out much fire,
a signe of foule weather to come in short time.
Wee leave Island to find an Harbour,
which we did on the North-west part, called Derefer,
where wee killed good store of Fowle.
From hence wee put to Sea againe,
but (neither wind nor weather serving)
our Master stood backe for this Harbour againe,
but could not reach it, but fell with another to the south of that,
called by our Englishmen, Lousie Bay :
where on the shoare we found an hot bath,
and here all our Englishmen bathed themselves :
the water was so hot that it would scald a Fowle.

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