vendredi 27 juillet 2007


Then I prayed them yet to remember themselves :
but William Wilson (more then the rest) would heare of no such matter.
Comming nigh the East shoare they cast about,
and stood to the West and came to an Iland,
and anchored in sixteene or seventeene fathome water.
So they sent the Boat,
and the Net ashoare to see if they could have a Draught :
but could not for Rocks and great stones.
Michael Perse killed two Fowle,
and heere they found good store of that Weede,
which we called Cockle-grasse in our wintering place,
whereof they gathered store, and came aboard againe.
Heere we lay that night, and the best part of the next day,
in all which time we saw not the shallop, or ever after.
Now Henrie Greene came to me and told mee,
that it was the Companies will,
that I should come up into the Masters Cabbin,
and take charge thereof.
I told hi mit was more fit for Robert Juet :
he said, he should not come in it,
nor meddle with the Masters Card, or Journals.
So up I came, and Henrie Greene gave me the Key of the Masters Chest,
and told me then, that he had laid the Masters best things together,
which hee would use himselfe when time did serve :
the bread was also delivered me by tale.

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